Mental Health Village

The negligence of decision-makers who hesitate to implement protective systems is having a negative impact on our world, just as our carelessness and refusal to see reality and take care of our mental health is having a negative impact on our lives.

Mental health problems will affect 1 in 5 Quebecers during their lifetime. Half of these problems are directly linked to working life. The Village has several objectives: to offer participants a moment of relaxation, to experiment with notions of mental safety through the past and the future, and to gather information that will be used to develop tools accessible via the Lixi platform, in 2023 and 2024 to include a Mental Safety module.

This year, we’re going to get participants to question their mental vulnerability through the discovery of certain perceptions, interpretations and views of the ego, experimenting with different concepts across the past and future.

We use the theme of “Back to the Future” to illustrate the consequences of our illusions, choices, actions or inactions in a world of insecurity and stress.

Village objectives:

Put stress on PAUSE. You’re already helping society with your talents, we’re offering you a moment of relaxation and want to get to know you better. Experiment and get out of the virtual… time is on your side!


  • Impact techniques and experimentation (2 worlds: past & future)
    • Parallels with elements from the film “Back to the Future” and self-knowledge and impact on those around you. You’ll understand and experience what it’s all about! :)
  • Giant memory games for children (ages 9 and 17) and adults
    • Memory games: relaxing…or not? If your mental health is failing, your memory may be too.
  • Voluntary anonymous survey on mental safety concepts (bilingual) to be completed “Mental Safety” portrait