Food of Hackfest

Hackfest is offering food options for this year. These must be purchased in advance at registration (under Addons) and you can update your current registration to add this addon.

These addons can only be purchased until October 23rd at midnight EST


charlevoisien bufallo perfetto

Day 1 (Saturday)

Lunch - Box lunch

  • Option 1
    • Le Charlevoisien: herb bread, braised Charlevoix ham, Brie de Portneuf cheese, mayonnaise, honey, Dijon and lettuce
  • Option 2
    • Buffalo Chicken: rosemary bread, Buffalo chicken, caramelized onions, tomatoes, blue cheese mayonnaise and lettuce
  • Option 3
    • VEGGIE - Vegetable perfetto, ricotta, grilled peppers, celeriac remoulade with tarragon and spinach
  • Mixed salad: Fusilli salad, tomatoes, feta and fresh basil
  • Dessert: Double Chocolate Brownie

Dinner - Hot buffet

  • Salads:
    • Quinoa, edamame beans, corn & grilled pepper, Thai vinaigrette
    • Thai salad, quinoa, crab meat, green beans, surimi, dill, tomatoes, yellow peppers, broccoli, elery, yuzu and Wafu sauce
  • Meal:
    • Option 1
      • Vegetarian: Thai vegetables, fried tofu and pieces of omelet
    • Option 2
      • Sautéed chicken breast, garlic and grilled sesame
  • Served with:
    • Basmati rice, Lime halves and side sauces, Tapioca with coconut milk and fortune cookies, Fruit salad

Day 2 (Sunday)

Lunch - Box lunch

  • Option 1
    • The Porchetta: focaccia bread, rosemary pork loin, grilled nappa cabbage, marinated grilled peppers and cranberry mayonnaise
  • Option 2
    • Le Texan: Baguettine with sweet and sour roast beef, arugula and Havarti cheese with jalapeño
  • Option 3
    • Veggie - Spinach tortilla, hodgepodge of seasonal vegetables and feta cheese
  • Mixed salad: Roasted beets, chickpeas, feta, orange vinaigrette, sesame and rice vinegar
  • Dessert: Chef’s Choice

Outside food cannot be eaten on site.