Hackfest 2020 Registration

November 20-21st


Eventbrite registration here

Registration information

CTF: How to register to the CTF in group?

  • Purchase of CTF ticket required for CTF / Hackfest ticket is NOT a CTF registration
  • Coming Saturday October 24, 2020 at noon.
  • Registration in teams of 4 or individually.

CTF: Individual registration

Any individual registration will be merged with individual players or other incomplete team. A note will be sent a few days before the event.


  • Conferences: Conferences take place on Friday 20th and Saturday November 21st 2020 from 9h00 to 20h00
  • Conferences, Villages & Workshops: Conferences, Villages & Workshops and “Late night talk” are held during the two days and evenings

Hackfest CTF (Capture The Flag)

  • The CTF will be held on November 20th (Time to be announced)
  • All CTF information: Hackfest CTF

Registration includes

  • The ticket type “Hackfest” gives access to both days and evenings of conference on November 20-21st
    • Access to talks
    • Access to villages (lockpicking, IoT, RFID, Social-Engineering, and more!)
    • Does NOT include participation to the CTF!


Hackfest venue

Online platform

Code of Conduct

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