Graylog CTF


The CTF will happen during The Party!

Log Lampoon: Powered by GRAYLOG

Players can anticipate stunning AI-generated poetry, a myriad of Star Trek references, at least one artisanal handcrafted website, guest appearances from The Logfather (?!) and confounding puzzles devilishly dredged up from the minds of those who built it.

The highly secretive, redacted image shown below is an example of what you can expect from these puzzles.

Coming in at around 30 flags,with a run time of 3 hours it’s a CTF best enjoyed among peers with whatever drink of choice is in hand.

Participants should expect to bring just themselves and an email with which to sign up, Graylog will host the rest.

Prizes are yet to be announced but expect branded merch and something juicer for the victor.


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