AliZon is coming to the South Shore. True or false?



FabLab4D offers companies in the region immersive techno workshops that enable them to acquire new knowledge and break down the silos that hinder team collaboration.


  • Discover the world of connected objects in a corporate context.
  • Discover the possibilities, limits and weaknesses of the system.
  • Design your own attacks and experiment with them.


  • Visitors will be able to observe the (simplified) operation of the warehouse on a 1:24 scale model.
  • They will then be invited to identify possible security gaps.
  • The most motivated will have the chance to try out their ideas and, of course, counter-attacks.

The model was designed and manufactured in our workshops. We will be happy to discuss the tools/processes used (laser cutting, CNC, 3D printing, electronic design, embedded programming, etc.).