Hackfest War Game



First placeSoviet Union (1x CTP + 9x 100$)
Second placeEuropean Union (10x livres no starch press)
Best MercenaryNO! (1x Wireless Attack)

World Map


Domination (territory points)





All these extremely dedicated people made this possible. Congratulations to all!



Infrastructure overview


During the last “War Game”, humanity went into panic mode. Violent attacks broke most countries critical infrastructures and services. Sleeping with a false sense of security, nations suffered from many problems going from financial instability to nuclear warfare wiping entire states. Not enough time was properly taken to secure the infrastructures.

The world witnessed a power shift. For the first time in history, traditional military power meant nothing. In order to survive, people had to be able to move on a different operation field: cyberwar reached a state never seen before. The need of a kinetic battlefield became historical. Why would a country strike on another one destroying everything at the target site when it could simply strike at electricity and water supply through SCADA systems? No physical damages, no hard evidence but yet total victory for a fraction of the price. How could countries defend themselves when attackers are everywhere and anyone, using technologies like TOR? Some nation decided to form alliances with friendly countries. Reality was: how can you trust a nation when you don’t know if that nation is against you? Treason occurred to great expense and at terrible cost. How to survive?

28 months later, financial and political stability are not yet granted. For most people, the war seemed to be over, but no one forgot what happened. Behind closed doors, war is still raging and mercenaries are still making profit out of it. But yet, this secret war is invisible. Was the first public chapter of this conflict just a vision from the near future that will spread even more distrust and destruction?

As if that was not enough, instability leads the way to major problems on critical infrastructures that are often left without maintenance for long periods of time because no one can maintain them anymore. Those system includes everything that we take as granted in our daily life. In the shadows, extremists nationalists groups are rising. Their motivation could easily set the world on a destruction course.

Stakes are high, are you up to the challenge?


To ensure good preparations by teams, some informations will be posted from september. Stay Tuned :)

Preparation challenge #1
Title: A picture is worth a thousand words, not only 2...
Hint:  ~ /sc[raper|enario]/ + combinator (twice) + pass is ~ /[a-zA-Z]{27}/
Difficulty: Medium

Preparation challenge #2
Titre: Under the carpet
Indice: None
Difficulté: Easy

Preparation challenge #3
Titre: Swim with the sharks...
Indice: None
Difficulté: Medium

Leak #1
Link: img

Leak #2

Leak #3
Linkteam infra

Previous editions

Here’s a list of hackfest’s last editions of the friday night war game:

Participants can expect a similar network to the Cyberwar in 2012, with a new routing system, new systems to secure and new vulnerabilities to exploit. Here is a diagram of the infrastructure of the last edition.

World Map PDF version here