Corelan 2013 Training

Corelan Live – Win32 Exploit Development Bootcamp (November 6th & 7th 2013)

(course materials are in English)

This year Hackfest is proud to present the return of Peter Van Eeckhoutte, founder of The Corelan Team and writer of what could be considered the de facto exploit writing tutorials on the Internet today, for his 2013 training session. Together with the team, Peter developed and published numerous tools that are used by pentesters and exploit developers across the world. They have published whitepapers & videos on a wide range of IT Security related topics. Peter has been an active member of the IT Security community for more than 10 years and has been working on exploit development since 2006. He presented at security conferences across the world, offered his training sessions at DERBYCON, BRUCON, and delivered his training at private companies and military/gov organizations across the US and Europe.

This hardcore hands-on course will provide students with solid understanding of current Win32 (mostly stack based) exploitation and memory protection bypass techniques. The course material contains current techniques, previously undocumented tricks and techniques, and details about research we performed ourselves.

Here’s what a trainee can expect when taking this advanced Win32 Exploitation course:

Day 1

  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Stack Buffer Overflows, and more
  • Egg hunters
  • Metasploit exploit modules

Day 2

  • Bypassing ASLR, DEP (ROP)
  • Advanced Heap spraying
  • Browser Exploitation
  • …And much more.

Make no mistake. Although this course starts with exploit development basics, students will need to be able to transition to more complex / advanced theory and exercises quickly. The course has a steep learning curve and will require full attention and focus.

This will be the only training of its kind and the best hacking & security course ever offered in Quebec. So be prepared for a 2 day (12 hours each day), hardcore, eye-popping, brain busting, bleeding from the ears training session… All details on Corelan training:


Registration closed

 Price: 995$ CAD
Read the rules in the next section before proceeding.


  • Picture ID verification will be required (so make sure your name matches with registration records)
  • No recording of the class allowed
  • Courseware is private & copyrighted, and can’t be used to build your own training

  • Logistics

    • When: November 6st & 7nd, 2013 from 9am to 10pm both days
    • Where: Hôtel Plaza, Québec (Ste-foy), Quebec, Canada Google Maps
    • Material: BYOD (Bring your own device)

    This includes

    • 2 day training at an awesome price! (English training)
    • Meals for both days
    • Refreshments for both days
    • Free admission to Hackfest 2013 (evening events included)
    • One t-shirt

    What is NOT included

    • Hotel accommodations!