Villages 2023

List of Villages

Embedded Systems / Mental Health / AWS / Social Engineering Contest / Hackfest Generations / Ham Radio / Palo Alto NOC / Hack your career / CyberCitizen / Bitcoin

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems exist at the intersection of hardware and software, built to accomplish a specific task. Often these disciplines are dealt with individually, but understanding the custom relationships between hardware and software is key to performing security research on these devices.

Mental Health

The concept of mental safety was born of our team’s observation that the perception of mental health is unfortunately biased in our society and often perceived in a pejorative way.

Our idea behind the village’s presentation is to combine security and health. Cybersecurity preserves the integrity of individuals, states and organizations, and Hackfest participants regularly witness the devastating effects of the lack or absence of security.


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Social Engineering Contest

A social engineering contest by telephone where the participant must obtain privileged information via engineering discussion techniques. The goal is to get an X number of information and the best wins!

Hackfest Generations

Introductory activities in cybersecurity and programming, 3D printer, Introduction to Logo.

Ham Radio

The amateur radio village is the ideal place to learn about the technologies available to operators. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in this often little-known universe, where the possibilities are limitless. Come and talk to experienced operators on a wide range of subjects.

Palo Alto NOC

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Hack your career

This year, the HF will be offering personalized, one-on-one 15-minute coaching sessions on professional/career issues.

CyberCitizen: alert, help, protect

As Raymond Lévesque sings in his song Quand les hommes vivront d’amour: “Aider, citoyen, bâtissons un monde meilleur, Où l’amour et la fraternité seront nos fiers moteurs, Main dans la main, ensemble, unis pour toujours, Pour que l’espoir et la paix règnent en nos jours.”

Hackfest’s CyberCitizen village will enable you to report any cybersecurity problems you may have encountered: breaches, leaks, bugs, etc. We don’t want to know who you are, so we won’t ask any questions about who you are.


Various topics revolving around Bitcoin and technologies that can lead to greater individual sovereignty. Topics will include mining, economics, hardware and p2p social networks (NOSTR) in presentation and workshop format.

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