Media Accreditation

You are interested in covering Hackfest 2023?

Please send us a request to media @ including the following information:

  • The name of your organization
  • The last name and first name of each person for this accreditation
  • Your email and phone number to reach you
  • Will your coverage be written or on television (TV / radio / journal)?
  • Do you want to perform an interview with: Speaker (s), organizer (s)? If so, Which one?
  • Why are you interested in covering Hackfest 2023 (a specific topic)?
  • What are your interests in security and hacking?
  • Please let us know that you have read and understood the rules below.

Accreditation includes

  • Access to both days and evenings of Hackfest 2023 and all the rooms (conferences, games, lounge)
  • Interviews can be scheduled in advance. Please see the speakers list and tell us your choice

Accreditation Rules

  • No audio or video recording of any conference / workshop / training is allowed
  • Any photo and video that requires the prior approval of the photographed persons
  • Respect the choice of our participants, partners and organizers who do not wish to be photographed or interviewed.
  • Interviews may be conducted in the Hackfest lounge at the entrance of the hotel.


Hackfest reserves the right to withdraw access and accreditation to any person who do not comply with the rules of accreditation or if the observed behaviour towards participants, partners or organizers goes against the spirit of conviviality, openness and respect that make our event a success.