Call For Volunteers

Available roles

Get involved and take part in the largest hacking event in the country as a volunteer! Several roles available:

Game (CTF) Creator

The Game Creator’s mission is to create challenges for the Hackfest CTF. You must be imaginative, motivated, have the [attention to detail] and must want to invest several hours in the creation of games by October.


  • Network
  • AppSec
  • Cloud
  • Binary
  • Reverse engineering
  • Other?



  • Welcome speakers
  • Guiding the speakers in their experience at the HF
  • Enforce the schedule
  • Act as resource persons on the site


  • Tact impeccable and be sociable
  • Initiative, adaptability and interpersonal skills
  • Experience in events a plus

SAMURAI (Room manager)


  • Lead the participants in the conference rooms so as to ensure optimum occupancy of the available seats;
  • Indicate to the hotel staff the needs related to the smooth running of the conference such as the rubbish bins are emptied and then take care, if necessary, to clean the rooms!
  • Supervise the movements of the participants.
  • Check the room before and between the talks.
  • Ensure that the public spaces in front of the scenes remain intact until the beginning of activities (replace the chairs if necessary).


  • Leadership, proactive attitude, smart and resourceful
  • Ability to speak in public and lead crowds
  • Experience in events a plus

NINJA (SUPER Volunteer)


  • Respond quickly on all unforeseen situations
  • Support different HF teams when needed
  • Find adapted and professional solutions
  • Assist in the logistics of the event


  • Excellent communication skills in French and/or English
  • Proactive, smart and resourceful attitude
  • Able to handle multiple tasks at once
  • Alert and solutions oriented
  • Unparalleled interpersonal skills
  • Significant experience in events a plus