Call For Papers

ANSWER THE CALL 2019 is the largest hacking event in Canada and a unique bilingual event (French and English) where a social and friendly crowd of over 1100 people gather and meet each year. Each year we welcome local and international speakers in Quebec City, Canada for two extraordinary days.

Response Form

Hackfest CFP Form 2019

What makes Hackfest so unique?

The wide range of topics, the large number of speakers, but also the participants and the ease of discussion. Among the participants, we have young professionals, students and enthusiasts as well as influencers and managers of both the public and the private sectors of Quebec and neighboring provinces.

Hackfest is ideal for:
  • Sharing your ideas and expertise in security and hacking with IT professionals
  • Presenting personal or academic research
  • Introducing new security tools or techniques you have mastered
What is offered to you
  • 1 “Speaker” badge and a “General” badge for a person accompanying you
    • Includes access to conferences and CTF
  • 2 nights at our hotel
  • For anyone leaving outside of Québec Province * :
    • Help available for transportation to Quebec City
  • Access to our Speakers Dinner on Friday night November 1st!

*Possible exception, please tell us about your situation.

What to do in Quebec City?

See our suggestions for activities and restaurants


  • May 22nd: CFP Opening (sorry for the delay, server issues)
  • July 15th: End of first round
  • July 16th: 2nd round starts
  • September 1st: End of 2nd round
  • Mid-september/beginning of October: Final annoncement of accepted talks
  • November 1-2nd: is LIVE and you present your talk!

Past years speakers