iHack 2012.3: Going back on the event

Two weeks ago, the second edition of the IHack night at cegep Ste-foy organised by the Hackfest team was taking place. Multiple challenges were available for participants such as: exploitation, web application, chacking, trivia, forensics and of course, the return of our beloved Chuck Norris challenge. Forthermore, that second edition contained a lot of novelty at gameplay level and challenges level.

First of all, we had the chance to use the big conference room from the P building which was perfect for such an event. After that, our team worked hard to bring up a VPN in order to give access to the challenge so teams in foreing regions of the world could play. Note that a tunisian team played with local players through the VPN for almost the whole event. Finaly, a small physical track was put in place. Participants had to decode a punched card.

In the end, we want to point out Bitducks team who won their first security challenge.

Thanks to the whole team who made this event success: Marc-André Meloche, Vincent Bédard-Tremblay, Charles Hamilton, Matthew Veillette and Martin Dubé.

While challengers where playing, hackfest team was busy planning the next Hackfest edition. Please be aware that we are planning the biggest cyberwar RISK hacking challenge that you could ever imagine.

On the list for the next Hackfest friday reality challenge: weapons of mass destruction (yeah! we like it big ya know...) and custom build anonymising infrastructures. November will be there soon. Those who won't be there will be earing about that challenge for a long time...