Hackfest Generation 2023

Activities to familiarize the next generation to Cyber Security. Content is aimed at 12-17 year-old, but we are not too picky.

All the activities are built in an unstructured way to allow the participant to focus on their interests and learn new skills. We will have on site seasoned security professionals that can push the participant outside of their comfort zone or orient them toward how to solve the problems.

It will be cool, fun, and difficult enough! Guaranteed.

We also have some contests in the cooker so that they can measure up against each other.

Participation to other villages and attending conferences is also encouraged.


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One rule to rule all the rules is: This ain’t day-care…

Hackfest Generation is an activity designed to introduce young people to hacking. It’s not a daycare center where you can leave your kids during the conference or CTF.

Here are a few rules to follow:

  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult
  • We don’t tolerate anything illegal
  • The Hackfest code of conduct must be respected
  • Hackfest infrastructure is not a target
  • Respect volunteers and other participants
  • An emergency number must be left with the HF Generation managers

Activities that will be prepared

Each track is composed of multiple level of difficulties. We encourage the participant to do them in order, but it’s up to them… We won’t judge if they find one challenge too easy :P

3D printing:

we’ll have (a) printer(s) on site for them to experiment in 3D printing. Challenges goes from understanding the concept, software and language to actually trying to print simple and complex parts.

Trust and Safety:

This track focus on the understanding of trust in the context of every day interactions with people and machines. Challenges in this track will range from basic understanding of Risk in the context of, ie: retail stores, to Social Engineering their way to obtain information from Volunteers specifically assigned to protect the information.

Introduction to coding:

This track focus on providing learning experience to the participant through different ways… Activities will range from algorithm implementation using visual languages (like Scratch, etc.) to actual code. Like last year we’ll also have a contest using the logo language to generate next year Hackfest Generation logo.

Introduction to Game security:

Games can take a lot of forms. From numeric to paper based. This track is focused on the different aspects of game development, from design of rules to breaking them. We never know, we might end up having our first Hackfest Generation game this year.

Basic CTF:

Participants are also encouraged to participate in the Hackfest Basic CTF to test their skills and learn new ones. We will have people on site to guide them… And no, no way to social engineer your way for answers… only tips will be given.

More to come

There are also a bunch of other activities in the cooker that will not be announced here as we are still evaluating their relevance, but if you think you kid is good, we’ll make sure to keep him busy while you attend the conferences.