Hackfest BrainFuck Challenge 2019

Another Brainfuck edition is planned for this year’s edition in order to distract you a bit during the Hackfest

What’s Brainfuck?

We’ll have challenges exploring the theme, edition, media surrounding the event, particular techniques and anything derivating from these. Watch out for what’s surrounding you during the event! Do not hesitate to socialize or exchange.

Prizesconstant width $ triangle !polygon

HF 2019 black coin, 1 per winning person (max 4 persons per team). Announced at the end of the contest - saturday 21h to whom (person or team) announced first they got the final good answer OR those that are the most advanced at that point. Teams are allowed with a maximum of 4 people.

Details and How to

The point of contact is on our Slack on #brainfuck2019 channel. For any questions, @vn. Tips or general explanations might be shared on the channel as needed. Otherwise, you can use e-mail at brainfuck 2 hackfest DOT ca.