Missing Persons CTF 2018

We are pleased to announce the Missing CTF in collaboration with TraceLabs

What is the Missing CTF?

The CTF (Capture The Flag) is organized to show once again that techno goes beyond the simple office tool. This CTF aims not only to test the talent of the participants, but also to gather as much information as possible for the search for missing persons.

The CTF for missing persons is an initiative that has already proven itself. Our partner, Trace Labs, held their first iteration of this event in July in Toronto last year and the results were at the rendezvous. These will all be forwarded to the relevant authorities to assist them in their ongoing investigations and a summary report will be produced for the general public following the event.


Prizes will be announce at the closing ceremony on Saturday November 2nd at 17h



  • Saturday November 2nd at 10am go to the CTF room on level 1st of the hotel.
  • First come, first served


  • 4 maximum