Hackfest BrainFuck Challenge 2018


Another Brainfuck edition is planned for this year’s edition in order to distract you a bit during the Hackfest

What’s Brainfuck?

A challenge going on during the Hackfest event that’s composed with enigmas inviting attendeed to better know our event, its points of communication and what’s surrounding it. Basically an exercise of promotion while having fun.

Brainfuck IX consists of puzzles and decoded stuff to assembly in order to figure out the ultimate element (to be shown a bit prior to the event). These elements are obtained once the puzzles are decoded - those are words or proper nouns, related closely or not at all via obscure references to this Hackfest’s edition.


Prizes will be announced and given to the first person/team to complete the whole challenge, or the most advanced prior to the announcement on saturday evening.

Details and How to

To be announced