November 4th 2017 19:00

Bugcrowd Party

Bugcrowd party

Join-us on Saturday night for our Hacking party of the year! DJ, Bar, CTFs, Villages, lockpicking contests and a lot more will be offered. Do not miss!


  • Poker and Blackjack
  • Bar
  • DualCore
  • DJ
  • CTFs (See below)


  • 19h10 : Opening Speech by Bugcrowd (Track 1)
  • 19h15 : DualCore music Show! (Track 1) & Poker BlackJack
  • 20h00 : CTFs Starts et Lockpicking & RFID Villages
  • 20h00 : Podcast : La French Connection (Track 2) , in French
  • 23h00 : Finale of OWASP CTF (Track 2)
  • 02h30 : End of party

DualCore Nerdcore Show


45+ minutes of nerdcore to hack all the things!


CMD+CTRL Hackathon

This interactive CTF session is a a fun and interactive “find the vulnerabilities” game that teaches the importance of effective website security and secure coding habits. Leveraging cheat sheets and other easy to understand tips, participants of all skill levels will learn how hackers break into real-world ecommerce, HR, and banking websites, designed to encourage friendly competition with real-time scoring and reporting. Security Innovation Engineer and Hackathon team member, Geoffrey Vaughan will begin with guided training before and will be on-hand during the game to provide additional assistance if needed.

Includes multiples web applications to hack and a diversity of challenges for beginners to experts!


The OWASP mini CTF, presents a Web security competition with very accessible challenges. The final will be broadcast on the big screen with live commentary! To qualify, get the most points , as soon as possible during the competition. Come participate or attend this mini-CTF!


Live recording of our French podcast La French Connection


  • Open to everyone (with an Hackfest badge)
  • From 19h to 2h00