iHack 2017

June 10th

Villes / CTF / Location

We are pleased to present the 2017 edition of iHack. The iHack takes place every summer either 6 months before the main event of the Hackfest and is a day / night security and hacking event. This year, Conferences, Training and CTF will be honored.


iHack Quebec

Talks and CTF:



Défi Évasion


iHack Montréal

iHack Ottawa

Talks and CTF:

iHack Toronto

CTF Only

iHack Sherbrooke

Registration and details

iHack Cali-Colombia


Other Cities

  • To be announce

iHack Quebec - June 10th

  • 13h00 – 17h00: Talks (Free!)
  • 17h00 – 18h00: Dinner
  • 18h00 – 2h00: Capture the Flag (CTF) - (Free!)

iHack Québec Talks

13h00 to 17h00

  • Web hacking workshop
  • Subject 2 TBA
  • Subject 3 TBA


18h00 à 02h00

  • CTF is on June 10th from 18h00 top 02h00
  • Team of 4 persons
  • Incomplete team or people alone will be merged in team
  • CTF is available for all
  • The competition aims to be accessible to all, in a relaxed and social atmosphere.
  • iHack Quebec have an alcohol permit and you can bring your own drinks


Participants of the CTF needs to bring:

  • Computer (Laptop prefered)
  • Powerbar and power extension
  • Network switch for the team
  • Network cables (15-25 feet)
  • Your happiness


iHack Quebec

Cégep Sainte-Foy
Pavillon P
Local P-457
Google Maps

iHack Ottawa

Invest Ottawa
7 Bayview Road
Ottawa, ON K1Y
Google Maps

iHack Sherbrooke

400 Rue Marquette
Sherbrooke, QC J1H 1M4
Google Maps

iHack Cali-Colombia

Cll 25#115-85
Km 2 Vía Cali-Jamundi
Código Postal: 760030
Cali, Colombia
Google Maps