Hackfest CTF 2016

We are happy to present Hackfest CTF 2016! This on-site CTF will take place at the Plaza Hotel in Québec City. You will find yourself in an environment full of challenges where you can test your security skills for more than 10 hours.On the menu are many hacking challenges inspired by industry related events, public major hacks and some challenges that require ninja hacking skills!

#General Information

  • Date: November 4th
  • Time: 16:00 PM to 02:00 AM
  • Team: 4 people
  • Incomplete Teams: Team will be completed by us using individual players
  • Individual Players: You will be assigned to a team
  • Who can play?: The CTF is meant to be accessible to anyone, from those new to security/hacking all the way to professionals and veterans of information security.

Participants not playing the CTF

Multiple activities are available to you:

  • Lockpicking challenges
  • Bar
  • Music
  • Poker and blackjack tables


SOLD OUT - 2 CTF open to all will be available on Saturday night November 5th

#Scenario I do not know yet what adventure I’ve embarked on. The ship brings my three friends and I, towards the international spaceport. I hate this ship. It is obsolete. It still runs on this archaic operating system…Windows 10. This project Hackfest Infinite bothers me. What is it? At least they left me a bottle of Scotch and some technical tests to occupy my brain during this trip.


We know you are impatient. That is why we prepared some teaser challenges.Stay tuned for more challenges as we get closer to Hackfest.

teaser #1 pass: HF2016INFINI


Each team must bring:

  • A network switch
  • Network cables (25 feet+)
  • Electrical cables (powerbar, UPS, etc)
  • Ethernet network card (built-in or usb2ethernet)
  • Electronic stuff
  • Your best smile
  • OPTIONAL: headphone or ear protection

*Alcohol and food are prohibited in the CTF rooms.