CFP 2015

ANSWER THE CALL FOR PAPERS 2015 is the largest IT security event in eastern Canada and a bilingual event (French and English, even if you only speak English, Hackfest is the perfect place for you, 99% of our attendees speaks it too!) where a social and friendly crowd of over 600 people gathers every year. We welcome each year local and international speakers in Quebec City, Canada, for 2 extraordinary days.

What makes it so unique? The wide range of topics, the large number of speakers, but also participants and ease of discussion. Among the participants, we find young professionals, students, hobbyists and influencers/managers of public and private sectors of the province and the surroundings. is ideal to:
- Share your ideas and expertise in security and hacking with IT professionals
- Present a personal or academic research
- Introduce new security tools or techniques you master

Answer form (email)

Send an email to: [email protected] with the following information:

- Your First and Last names
- Your email and contact informations (twitter, linkedin, etc.)
- Your conference title/subject
- Your bio and photo
- Abstract of your conference (Max 250 words)
- Conference type: 50 minutes (normal), 20 (speed), workshop (60 to 180 minutes)
- Why would like to present your conference at ?
- Requirements: besides the following: power, projector with VGA input and internet connectivity


- April 1st: CFP Open
- May 31st: 1st round closed
- June 2nd: 2nd round starts
- September 30th: 2nd round ends
- November 6-7th:

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