Lock Picking : Pro-Clef

This year, in collaboration with 'Pro-Clef', we'll be testing your physical security knowledge. More importantly your knowledge on how to bypass them to achieve your end goal. You'll be going up with multiple types of locks, from door handles to numeric pads. These challenges will satisfy & challenge everyone participating in the CTF event as well as the general public.

Competition open to the public

Participants will only be given a few minutes to pick each lock. Difficulty raises for each subsequent lock. Each challenge is timed and score will be displayed on the scoreboard system. Best cumulative time for picking all the locks will win the event.

3 locks, 3 door locks (subject to change without notice)
The first three (3) challenges will be to lock-pick three (3) locks.
Challenges four (4), five (5) and six (6) will be up against door locks.

How it works
Time taken by each participant is cumulative. Regardless of the degree of difficulty, only the total time taken to pick all locks are considered when naming a winner.
Less time == good.

CTF locking picking challenges

Players will have to open locks to acquire two (2) flags. Practice will be permitted
during Friday's event for those who wish it. (2 locks)

Player will be able to access a video camera using the correct equipement (CAT 5/RJ45 supplied).
Once successfully connect, using the camera's access players will need to find a flag.

Safe (TBD)
There should be a flag in there. Perhaps using a camera and a well place hole somewhere
will help you find it.

Numeric keypad
A lock-box equipped with a numeric lock is held shut using a solenoid. Things will need
to be unscrewed and "jumped" to unlock this (equipment supplied).

Dumpster diving
Old school method. Shredded paper with hints perhaps (aka 2011 challenge)


Stéphane Pilotte
Martin Lemay


Josianne Tardif
Sébastien Richard