Hackfest Cyberwar



1st position: Africa (1 NoStarchPress book/person + 50$/person)
2nd position: People Republic of Asia (1 PWB certification)
3rd position: European Union (1 PWB certification)
Best Mercenary: Master (100$ + Free Ticket 2013)


Complete World map

World map (Territories)

World money



In 2010, two (2) pharmaceutical companies went head-to-head in a winner take all cyber-battle to obtain a lucrative contract. The winner would surely be considered as the world leader in pharmaceutical products, making investors rich beyond belief.

This year, Hackfest is presenting a similar scenario, only this time a multitude of corporate entities will be battling it out in what is today’s most hostile environment: The Internet. Keeping the same model as previous years, teams will not only need to attack, but also defend their respective networks in order to obtain the ultimate prize. Players will be placed in a war mood and in a realistic environment. Players should be see:

  • An internet simulation
  • An anonymity system
  • A military base with a SCADA system
  • An international bank
  • Multiple operating system such as: CentOS, Windows and Debian
  • IPv6 telephony systems
  • And More...

Players can already get ready for the games! See details here: Cyberwar Rules (en)

[new]Scoreboard tutorial for players: Players - Tutorial

[new]Scoreboard tutorial for free thinkers: FreeThinker - Presentation and Tutorial

For more information about the hackfest "Red / Blue" contest , please see the last two years editions pages.


To all teams! Yet, you can start the preparation with the following diagram. Enjoy!

Note: We suggest you to define roles/specialities in your team adequately secure your infrastructure and attack the opponents.


Friday’s event will accommodate 8 teams of 10 members, totaling 80 participants from across Canada and États-Unis.

What you must bring:

  • A 50’ RJ45 cable to reach the core switch
  • A switch for the whole team
  • A computer (Desktop or Laptop) for each player

What you can bring:

  • Lock Picking Tools
  • A UPS
  • A smile in the face

What you can’t bring:

  • Sadness
  • Nerdrage

2010 and 2011 games

Here are more details about last year's challenges:

Here's a schema of last edition's infrastructure of the corporate reality game. Pdf version here