Beginner CTF

The purpose of the Beginner CTF is to provide a cybersecurity foundation for all interested participants and to share knowledge. The Beginner CTF provides an environment where novice people can legally enjoy learning how to attack and secure a network. Help will be provided on site to resolve challenges and explanations. The Beginner CTF should bring together people who do not feel confident enough to participate in the classic CTF and start from the grassroots in order to succeed in taking a new player in the classic CTF.

This CTF is aimed at beginners to learn the ropes and adopt the right mindset.

Over 50 challenges, including:

  • Windows
  • Aws
  • Linux
  • Web
  • Encoding
  • Cracking
  • etc

Even with tools recommendation so you understand quicker what to do but figure out how.


  • The CTF will be available from October 12th 3pm to October 15th 6pm
  • The registration link will be available soon!


  • Support during Hackfest will be available at room 101B.
  • Support and information will also be available on the Hackfest Discord server: Discord
    • Information on rooms upcoming!