Hackfest CTFs 2023

What to bring?

To make your CTF experience as enjoyable as possible, here is a list of things to bring:

  • Your HF ticket (printed or PDF) with the EventBrite ID clearly visible
  • Your CTF ticket (printed or PDF) with the EventBrite ID clearly visible
  • A minimum 15 feet (5 meters) grounded extension cord
  • A powerbar to plug in all your devices
  • A switch with at least 8 ports (1 uplink + 6 participants)
  • A 25 feet long Ethernet cable for the uplink of your switch
  • Sufficient Ethernet cables to connect your devices to your switch


  • Any additional equipment if desired (keyboard, extra monitor, etc)

What is provided:

  • 1 electrical outlet per table
  • 1 network connection nearby
  • Challenges to keep you busy for the night
  • Electrifying atmosphere

The rest is up to you


  • 1st place CTF Pro team members gets an Hackfest Black coin!
  • More details coming soon!


  • 6 participants per team
  • Registration link coming soon!

Registration for Talks/Villages/Workshops

What is the CTF Hackfest this year?

We listened to you, only 1 CTF Hackfest, but with 2 scoreboards! One for the Pro (competitive) and one for the Classic (Casual) and both with the same tracks / challenges!

  • 200+ players
  • 6 players per team
  • Enough flags to keep you busy all day and night
  • A team of challenge designers ready to help you in difficult times

As well as a Beginners CTF (or to warm up)

Types of CTFs

  • Competitive: Same challenges as the CTF Casual, different scoreboard. Face the competition to prove that you deserve your place in the Competitve CTF! A cash prize is also on the line, in addition to the famous Hackfest black coins and gold coins!
  • Casual: The CTF in its original format! Get ready to beat your head on mixed difficulty challenges. Whether standalone challenges or real Goliaths, there will be something for everyone! Goodies prices are on the line, in addition to the famous Hackfest gold and copper coins!
  • Beginner: A good place to start! Take on dozens of challenges created specifically for learning. Are you stuck on a challenge? Contact the creator of the challenge for an explanation and he will be happy to guide you!


  • CTF Classic and Competitive (Pro)
    • 24 hours
    • From October 13th 2023 @ 10am to October 14th 2023 @ 3pm (EST Time)
    • Scoreboards disabled between 2am and 7am (EST Time)
    • Registration between 8am and noon on October 13th 2023 ONLY
  • CTF Beginner
    • More detail to come!

More details

Visit HF CTF website at https://hfctf.ca