Hackfest CTFs 2020

November 20th - 15h to 03h00

What is Hackfest CTF?

  • 300+ players
  • A dozen tracks of challenges to hack
  • Unique challenges
  • From electronics to web and systems to exploit
  • Ambience with a DJ, Poker/Blackjack tables and a bar


TBA - end of summer 2020


  • Food (lunch boxes) to be offered to eat in the CTF room. This will be offered when buying your tickets

CTF Classic - Info

  • Anyone who is registered to the Hackfest CTF are automatically included in our CTF Classic

CTF Pro - Info

  • To participate to the CTF Pro: A pre-qual challenge will be set up for registered participations, be attentive around September!
  • Only the first 8th teams to succeed the challenge will be admitted to hack with the best!


  • You MUST buy an Hackfest event ticket
    • Please use the same email for Hackfest registration and Hackfest CTF
  • Each registration MUST have the first name, last name and email of every member of the team
  • A registration with DUPLICATED names will be REMOVED and a team on the waitlist will be added!

CTF Details


Possible challenges


The other CTFs


If you got anything to offer, please contact us

General Information

  • Date: November 20th 2020
  • Time: TBA
  • Team: 4 people
  • Incomplete Teams: Teams will be completed by us using individual players
  • Individual Players: You will be assigned to a team
  • Who can play?: The CTF Classic is meant to be accessible to anyone, from those new to security/hacking all the way to professionals and veterans of information security.

For the participants not playing the CTF

Multiple activities are available to you:

  • Look at the CTF Participants
  • Lockpicking challenges
  • Bar
  • Music
  • Poker and blackjack tables
  • Nightly Villages activities


  • A switch for your team
  • 25 to 50 feet cable to connect your team ot the Hackfest switch
  • Your Laptop
  • Electric extension and power bars
  • Ear-plug or headphones (if you don’t like the current playlist)

*Alcohol and food from outside are prohibited in the CTF rooms.