Hackfest CTF 2019

November 1st 15h to 02h00

What is Hackfest CTF?

  • 250+ players
  • A dozen tracks of challenges to hack
  • Unique challenges
  • From electronics to web and systems to exploit
  • Ambience with a DJ, Poker/Blackjack tables and a bar

This page is in active progression, but we can confirm for the 2019 edition that we’ll have those CTFs :

  • Brainfuck
  • Hackfest CTF
  • Hackfest Party
  • More to come, stay tuned!

If you got anything to offer, please contact us



CTF Details


General Information

  • Date: November 1nd 2019
  • Time: TBD
  • Team: 4 people
  • Incomplete Teams: Team will be completed by us using individual players
  • Individual Players: You will be assigned to a team
  • Who can play?: The CTF is meant to be accessible to anyone, from those new to security/hacking all the way to professionals and veterans of information security.

For the participants not playing the CTF

Multiple activities are available to you:

  • Lockpicking challenges
  • Bar
  • Music
  • Poker and blackjack tables



*Alcohol and food are prohibited in the CTF rooms.