Fast news


Telvent Canada, an important SCADA provider gets hacked.

The compagny effectively announced that they had a security breach on their network on september 10th. It's important to note that Telvent provide solution to manage traffic flow in cities, petrol distribution and train routing anywhere in north america.

In Philipinnes, no jokes with Facebook.

A new law can send you to jail for 12 years if you post defamatory content on Facebook and others. Think about that, 12 years in Philipinian jail this must be bad...

Fail: IEEE + FTP + Password = Bad

IEEE got a big leak on their hands. Someone found out that there was a clear text archive containing passwords on the IEEE FTP server. This is a easy FAIL. But think about it, who are IEEE users? Mostly Governement, Nasa, Apple, IBM and many others... This is a important security failure.


Multiple problems in Lotus Notes Travelers

Java, Java, Java... Always Java now affecting Java 5/6/7

Remote wipe for Android phones, not just Samsung