Technical skills for manager?

Just heard the best answer ever to the question of whether security managers need to have hands-on technical skills. An Air Force Major was complaining to an Air Force course director that the major didn't need to know networking and security taught in the intensive in house Air Force course, "My people will do that; I never will; I am a manager."
The course director asked the major, "Do you know what a router access control list is?"
Major: "Yes."
Course director: "Have you ever sat down at a terminal and written an ACL?"
Major: "No"
Course director: "Then how do you know your netadmin is doing it right, when just one error in one line can stop all the traffic on your network?"
Major: eyes wide
Course director: "And how do you know whether your netadmin isn't blowing smoke?"
Major: "Get me registered for the course."

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