Embedded Systems


Embedded systems exist at the intersection of hardware and software, built to accomplish a specific task. Often these disciplines are dealt with individually, but understanding the custom relationships between hardware and software is key to performing security research on these devices.

Embedded Systems Village advances the security of embedded systems by hosting hands-on hacking workshops, showcasing new security research demos, and organizing exciting hacking contests to educate attendees and manufacturers on the approach hackers use to attack these devices. Attendees will leave the village with an understanding of how to reduce complex, exotic devices to their underlying embedded components and to extract the information required to use the tools and techniques taught at other villages where embedded systems are on display.

What we will bring:


We have a lab platform that brings everyone from every skill level to the same playing field with step by step instructions that aim to teach individuals specific techniques and skills in a hands-on manner.

Interactive Hacking Content

We want to showcase the weird and cool embedded devices that aren’t highlighted in other villages, and provide an opportunity for hackers to get hands-on experience hacking them.


This is what our team is best known for. We build crazy CTFs, and this year will be no different. We are working on a brand new CTF contest that will support everyone from the casual player (i.e. someone that only wants to drop in for a few minutes) all the way to the hardcore teams.

CTF and more

Expect unique devices, new challenge formats and that WOW factor that our CTFs have had in the past. Building on our lessons learned and experience over the years, we are confident that this track will not disappoint!