Schedule 2021

Note: Schedule can change at any time
  • Please verify this page and the CFP page for any changes!

*All hours are in EST timezone

Schedule - November 19-20th

Friday November 19th

  • 8h50 to 00h00 (minuit):
    • PTalks and workshops on 2 tracks (Information in your email a few days before the event)
  • 9h00 to X:
  • 15h00 to 03h00am : CTFs
    • Casual(Classic) et Competitive(Pro)
    • Communication on Discord channels

Saturday November 20th

  • 9h00 to 17h00:
    • Talks and workshops on 2 tracks
  • 18h to 21h00++:
    • On-site (in person) night (information to be announced soon - if everything gets confirmed)
    • Podcast La French Connection LIVE via YouTube (URL à venir)

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