AWS Village


EVENT 1 : 10h to 11h - November 20th

Common security scenarios and demonstration of key AWS Security Services and Features

This presentation will involve a simulated live attack on Cloud resources, including:

  • Rogue changes to AWS resources
  • External attack against a web application
  • Internal attack

And how one can mitigate these types of attacks, and allow customers to have a better security posture in the cloud than they can achieve on-premises alone.

Event 2 : 11h to 14h - November 20th

Welcome to the AWS Protecting Workloads Workshop!

In this workshop, you will build an environment consisting of two Amazon Linux web servers behind an application load balancer. The web servers will be running a PHP web site that contains several vulnerabilities. You will then use AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF), Amazon Inspector and AWS Systems Manager to identify the vulnerabilities and remediate them.

The event will be in English, but there will be resources to answer questions in French if necessary.