Hackfest Social-Engineering Contest 2018

Results 2018

Who was a target ?

  • Hydro-Québec
  • Bell Canada
  • La Banque
  • Nationale du Canada
  • La Banque de Montréal
  • Shell Canada
  • Les chemins de fer nationaux du Canada
  • Metro Inc.
  • Télé-Québec


  • 75% visited a URL provided by their attacker
  • 100% gave information about what version operating system/service pack version they were running
  • 88% gave detailed information on what internet browser they were using
  • 75% divulged information about Wi-Fi within their network
  • 63% divulged information about secure document shredding, including their provider and the schedule for disposal
  • 63% divulged detailed information about their email client
  • 75% gave detailed information about the internal computer network
  • 75% shared personal information about themselves and their work history with the company

Detailed results

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Contest 2018

Prove that you can social-engineer anyone in English or French.

Get in a booth in front of a crowd, do a phone call to a known company, gather multiple flag by only asking them question by voice… and win!

What is Hackfest Social-Engineering Contest?

A social engineering contest by telephone where the participant must obtain privileged information via engineering discussion techniques. The goal is to get an X number of information and the best wins!

Funny, interesting and stressful, will you be up to it?


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2017 Results

Marco Estrela of Gardien Virtuel won first place and the most flag obtained!