Hackfest Party 2015

CTFs / Villages:
Altea HackTheStack
Owasp Mini Web CTF
Casino night

Room: Track 1, 3rd floor
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LockPicking Village & CTF

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What you can expect in the village and Lockpicking contest:
- Lots of locks, Tubular locks, Handcuffs, nerfguns and more!

When & Where:
- Saturday night 19h00, TRACK #1 (For everyone, you don't need to play in Hackfest CTF)

Lockpicking registration:
- On site only.

- Handcuff escape challenge (Fastest handcuff picking)
- Progressive lock challenge (Show you skills)

- To Be Announced

Altea Top-Chrono CTF

Presented by Altea Communications

Description :
Today, terrorist threats are everywhere around the world and no one is really safe. In 2015, hundreds of attacks are executed around the world by the secret services of different countries without public awareness: the threat is real.

In this alarming context, Canadians intelligence officers were aware of an imminent terrorist threat. A planned bomb attack might occur shortly. The exact location is currently unknown.

Your goal is to find the name of the terrorist, locate and defuse the bomb.

Do you have what it takes ?!

- To Be Announced



The mini CTF by OWASP, presents a Web security competition with very accessible challenges. The final will be broadcast on the big screen and live commentary! To qualify, get the most points and, as soon as possible during the first hours of competition. Come participate or attend this mini-CTF!

- To Be Announced

Game length :
- Qualification: 2h, but also available until the end of the night for all participants

Registration - OWASP, Mini Web CTF

On site only

Casino night

Under the theme of "Lucky Edition" we have at your disposal a poker table and a blackjack table to compliment your evening.
Only rule, the real money can NOT be put into play!