CTF 2015

We are happy to present Hackfest CTF 2015! This on-site CTF will take place at the Plaza Hotel in Québec City. You will find yourself in an environment full of challenges where you can test your skills in security for more than 10 hours. On the menu, many hacking challenges similar to the market as well as some ninja hacking tricks!


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General Informations

Date: November 6th
Time: 16:00 PM to 02:00 AM
Team: 4 persons
Uncompleted Team: Team will be completed by us using individual players
Individual Player: You will be assigned to a team
Who can play?: The CTF is meant to be accessible to anyone, from those who recently started in security/hacking up to the elites of this world.


Chose between :
- Join/create team: Play in a team
- Participate as an individual: Chose a ticket type "Conferences & CTF" to play alone and be assign to a team

Eventbrite - Hackfest 2015 - Lucky Edition


Teams this year will consist of 4 players. In your team, we suggest having the following profiles:

This guy is always whining when he has to install a fat client on his computer by saying “Ain’t there a web service for this?”. The WebMaster will have a friend called Django. He’s the only one who’s screaming “I love ruby” in a rollercoaster. He also knows all the jokes starting with “a SQL request enters into a bar...”.

Network FU
It’s his fault if the network is slow! At his home everything is wired, even his toaster is PoE. He loves ::1 too much. When you need a DNS reverse proxy that goes through a GRE tunnel in PPTP, he’ll be your man! He’ll be helpful in connecting all the tips together to get a clearer view of the information.

Reverse Man
He is the weirdest of the team. He walks backwards. When he’s in a waterslide you can hear him saying “NOP NOP NOP NOP”. His favourite programming langage is assembly. Nobody understands what he’s doing, but the flags he finds are profitable. He’ll decrypt the undecryptable. He’ll understand the incomprehensible.

Default man
He’s the Network FU’s rural cousin. If you see a John Deere in the hotel parking, don't ask, it’s his tractor. He was invited just because there was a place left in the team. Strangely he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but he’s still finding some flags! He’s probably the one who will solve most of Chuck’s trivias.

Which one are you?


We know you are impatient. This is why we prepared early challenges. A lot to come before Hackfest.

We got our hands on a top secret document of a new unknown organisation.
Secret Document

You need to be ready. Here are some Teaser. (The flags will give you points for the CTF)

Teaser 01
Teaser 02
Teaser 03


Each team must bring:
– A network switch
– Network cables (25 feet+)
– Electrical cables (powerbar, UPS, etc)
– Your best smile

* Alcohol and food are prohibited in the CTF rooms.