BrainFuck 2015

BrainFuck Challenge

Brainfuck is back this year to entertain you during the Hackfest

WTF is that Brainfuck?
A contest during Hackfest that's composed of challenges, mostly to incite to know the Hackfest better, its communication channels and the rest. All in all, an exercise of promotion while being challenging that is fun.

Puzzles, decoding, assembling, correlations to find the ultimate element - the last letter of elements 1234567 (each element has its own ID). Those elements are gathered among clues once decoded (separately, no interaction between the different puzzles except the last letters) and those elements are either complete words, names - related closely or not via obscure references to this edition of Hackfest.

Prizes announced and given to first people to submit the proper answer or those that got the furthest in the challenge on saturday evening at 21:50!

-External Anker battery
-Free ticket for Hackfest 2016
-2x 50$ NoStarch Press vouchers

You're invited to assemble those 7 elements - some onsite, some online, before or during the event.

For any questions, informations or to submit final answers, brainfuck@hackfest,ca… You could also email a GeoGuessr challenge that you have to win to get tips...or a screenshot from under your name that scored more than 500 pts :).