Hackfest CTF



First placebarbra streisand (1x PWB + 3x 100$)
Second placeAmish Security (4x livres no starch press)
Third place: Naughty Neighboors (4x passes HF 2014)




Saturday’s event will be the classic CTF format. The enphasis is on the way teams are versatile and how they use their skills. Like in the friday night, points are gained by exploiting vulnerabilities. Challenges generally have the following caracteristics:

  • Pretty easy to understand
  • Difficulty ranges from easy to hard
  • Variety to please everyone

Crackme [by Charles F Hamilton]

Via 32 and 64 bits systems, under Windows and Linux and developped under different architectures, your mission will consist to analyse code, crack services, develop keygens and make some reverse engineer to achieve your goals. All shots are allowed, debug them all. It would be possible to meet softwares compiled under MIPS and ARM. You are warned.

Data Mining [by vn & Patoff]

We recently learned that what we thought we were sharing privately on the interwebs was shared implicitly with some authorities. We still can get some kind of privacy by not sharing our information with everybody or by reversing the steps of data mining that someone could use against us.

This track allows you to practice such data mining and you will have to explore various available resources and somewhat exploit them to get what you need. Remember, same applies IRL!

Logic [by Philippe Godbout]

Caution, deep dive. Newcomer this year, this challenge will take you not into software design but into hardware design realm. This short track, trough different challenge rating from easy to hard, will give you the chance to learn new stuff about how our society digital logic world works.

Programming Contest [by Charles F Hamilton]

You will have the chance to put forward your coding skill. A task will be given to you to code the right tool that will allow you to perform a task in a very short time. Will you be faster than the machine?

Pwnage [by Charles F Hamilton]

Did you got root? That's your main goal and there are many ways to succeed.

Trivia [by the l33t ninjas]

The Trivia, still led by our faithful host, ChuckNorris, is back this year to persecute you. Numerous bugs have been fixed and the level of difficulty of the questions was raised. Since the last edition, the nature of the questions will vary from the general knowledge and specific technical areas. The challenge will include questions about IT security, hacking, stage, history, hardware, failures of the year, etc..

Example of past issues:

Web [by Charles F Hamilton]

This time, no more nonsense. It's time to work on lucrative project. Your goal: hack secret services. Will you have the ability bypassed their security measure to put the organization out of harming your project of war domination?

Wifi [by Cédrick Chaput]

Love is in the air : sit your ass down, don't plug anything and hack the air. Only pleasure moment !

Required materials: A wireless network card + love.

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