Hi Speaker!

Congrats! You are a speaker at the next Hackfest. What can you do to have the best possible impact with your conference? Let a speaker coach guide you.


A coach will help you clarify your message, build a strong structure, select your best material, design and optimize your visual support and give you tips for your delivery and how to be comfortable on stage (introvert love this!).


Your confidentiality is important. We are using Signal for the communication between you and the coach.

Speaker coach

We are partnering with Denis François Gravel, a presentation strategist. He works with individuals and organization. He helps them create effective presentations. He will make you shine on stage.

Free or fees?

We have secured a budget for some of you to work freely with the speaker coach. Contact us quickly to be among the lucky ones.

When the budget is spent, you will still be able to work with the speaker coach for 175 $/h (CAN$)

1h per speaker is included.


Please contact directly our coach at the following:

  • Denis François Gravel 418 571-4984