Hackfest Security Podcast #8 (2012-07-07)

Je suis seul cette semaine...

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Hackfest @ DEFCON
iHack août
Réorganisation Hackfest Média
Fermeture des codes rabais le 20 juillet
Ouverture d'un rabais pour les employés du Gouvernement du Québec et rabais de groupe pour les entreprises

Nicolas-Loïc Fortin

Japanese 13-Year-Old Arrested For Virus Creation
New Version of the MaControl Trojan Spotted In the Wild
Microsoft Engineer Discovers Android Spam Botnet, Google Denies Claim
US Appeals Court Says Bank Liable For Losses From Poor Online Security
First iOS Malware Discovered In Apple's App Store
Feds Plan 'Fog of Disinformation' To Track Information Leaks
Microsoft advanced notification for July 2012 patch Tuesday
Israeli Agents Steal Korean Tech for Chinese Customer
So You Want to Be a Security Expert
Prototype Clickjacking Rootkit Developed For Android
Leap Second Bug Causes Crashes
Twitter Clampdown Could Impede Anonymous Tweets
Graphical Web Interface for OSSEC WUI AnaLogi v1.1
Colbert Report 13 Juin 2012

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Ridley (Super Metroid) - Dragonfood / Rozovian
OverClocked ReMix (http://www.ocremix.org)