Hackfest Discord Leveling up

Welcome to the Hackfest Discord Community! We’re excited to have you join us, and we want to reward your active participation with various levels and corresponding perks. Here’s how you can participate to unlock these exciting rewards:

1. LEVEL 17: Active Participant

As you begin your journey, actively participate in our Discord server by engaging in discussions, sharing your knowledge, and connecting with the community. Unlock access to our private text channel exclusively for Level 17 participants. Gain the opportunity to promote your ads and schedule demo, workshop, or hacking sessions on our live voice channels.

2. LEVEL 37: TLP-AMBER Access

Keep your participation consistent to reach Level 37. Gain access to a private text channel under TLP-AMBER, where you can delve into more advanced discussions.

3. LEVEL 47: Hackfest Super Contributor

Reach Level 47 to earn the prestigious “Hackfest Super Contributor” badge (badgr), showcasing your dedication to the community.

4. LEVEL 57: HF Community Stickers Pack

Continue your active involvement in the community to achieve Level 57. Unlock access to a private text channel under TLP-RED. Receive the exclusive HF Community stickers pack.

5. LEVEL 67: Privileged Access to HF CTF Classic

Climb to Level 67 to qualify for a draw contest. Get a chance to gain privileged access to the HF CTF Classic competition, a thrilling experience for cybersecurity enthusiasts.

6. LEVEL 77: Hackfest Mug and Committee Access

At Level 77, you’ll receive a Hackfest Mug. Additionally, you’ll access an exclusive text channel where you can collaborate with the HF committee to improve community events and activities related to Hackfest Communication.

7. LEVEL 87: Hackfest Super Collaborator

Achieve Level 87 to earn the “Hackfest Super Collaborator” badge (badgr), recognizing your significant contributions to the community.

8. LEVEL 97: Exclusive HF Community/Discord T-Shirt

As you reach Level 97, you’ll receive a special HF Community/Discord Edition T-Shirt, showing your dedication to the community.

9. LEVEL 107: Hackfest Event Admission and Hoodie

Reaching the pinnacle at Level 107 has its rewards:

Receive a free admission badge to the Hackfest event of the current year. Earn an additional badge in following years if you surpass your previous year’s points by more than 50%. Get a Hoodie Special Hacker Community Edition to proudly represent the community. To gain these rewards, make sure to actively participate, engage with other members, and contribute to the community. We value your involvement, and these levels are our way of showing appreciation for your dedication to the Hackfest Discord Community. Keep an eye on your progress, and enjoy the journey!