AWS Village

NOTE: Ce village est bilingual! - Des parties sont en anglais seulement


Workshop - Running Microsoft Workloads on AWS: Exploring SQL Server modernization with open source Babelfish for PostgreSQL.

  • Language: English
  • When: Friday 19th - 11h00 EST
  • Duration: 1h
  • Content type: This will be a “high density” session providing a practical overview of the service as well as guidance for you to be well-informed on best next steps.



Exploring SQL Server modernization with the newly released, open source Babelfish for PostgreSQL. Babelfish for PostgreSQL was announced nearly one year ago, and the potential behind its concept to revolutionize what SQL Server modernization looks like surrounded it with plenty of hype. We have just seen the release of this service and will dive into what Babelfish means to you in the bigger picture.

Game - AWS Security Game Day

  • Language: English
  • Skills Level: Basic to Intermediate.
  • When: Friday 19th - 13:00 EST
  • Duration: 3h30

The Security GameDay focuses on having users implement security solutions to prevent common hacking attacks. These include open access to databases, internal deletion of S3 objects, and SQL injection attacks. Users will also have to setup and manage logging and monitoring to discover how the attacks are happening and by whom.

Game Details

The game begins with the player being given an AWS account with many misconfigurations, and they are currently experiencing several attacks. Players are told that there are three different types of attacks currently happening in their account. Upon defending against these attacks, players will get a follow up challenge asking them to identify who it was that was doing the hacking in each case.

AWS Services Used

  • VPC
  • S3
  • WAF
  • RDS
  • EC2


Common Attack Scenarios and Response in the AWS Cloud

  • Language: Presented in English.
  • Skills Level : Basic
  • When: Friday 19th - 9h30 EST
  • Duration: 1h30


Presentation and simulation of several of the most common attack scenarios, such as rogue user creation, port scanning, opening of security group port rules, etc. This will actively demonstrate how Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Config, and AWS Security Hub can be used to detect, analyze, and remediate various incidents.