Horaire 2016


Heure Hall des partenaires, Niveau3 en haut des escaliers
19h00 Récupérer votre badge, aucun achat
22h00 Fin de la récupération


Heure Track #1 (Plaza1) Track #2 (Plaza2) CTF
8h00 Accueil Accueil  
9h00 Sylvain Desharnais Nadia Vigneault - Stratégies de fouille et recherches de preuves (Français) Michael Bennett - Clogging the Futures Series of Tubes: A look at HTTP/2 DDoS Attacks  
10h00 Haydn Johnson & Cheryl Biswas - Blue Team Reboot: Adaptive Proactive Defence Strategy Marc Dovéro - Le dispositif Français de lutte contre le cyber-terrorisme : Exemples par la pratique (Français)  
11h00 Stephen Hall - Your configs are bad and you should feel bad Cheryl Biswas - A Stuxnet for Mainframes  
12h00 Dîner: Groupe “Hackfest” au Ginger Dîner: Chez Victor Laurier (Réservation: 418-977-9123)  
13h30 Speed talks:

1) Sunny Wear - Exploit Kits: The Biggest Threat You Know Nothing About

2) Geoffrey Vaughan - Catching IMSI Catchers
Benjamin Brown - Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self: The New Wave Of Account Checkers And Underground Rewards Fraud  
14h30 Chris “Suggy” Sumner - Some hypotheses on burnout and stress related illnesses in relation to Cyber Security practitioners with a ‘Hacker Mindset’ Bernard Bolduc - Histoire d’un hack (Français)  
15h30 Speed talk:

Maxime Lamothe-Brassard - Hunting with LimaCharlie
Paul Rascagnères - Windows systems & code signing protection  
16h00 Speed talk:

Patrick Mathieu - BurpSmartBuster - A smart way to find hidden treasures, the next steps (Français)
Continue “Windows systems & code signing protection” Inscription CTF
16h30 Alexandre Guédon - Sécurité Docker en production (Français) Blake Cornell - Come Bring all your Drones to the Yard Début du CTF
17h30 Souper: Groupe “Hackfest” au Ginger Souper: Chez Victor Laurier (Réservation: 418-977-9123) CTF Cont.
19h00 Workshop: Peter Yaworski - Getting Beyond Bugbounty Noob Status (Apporter votre laptop) Room “Bethoween”:

Workshop : Techniques d’informatique forensique (Français, laptop needed)
CTF cont.
21h00 Ends talk Ends workshop CTF cont.
02h30 N/A N/A Fin du CTF


Heure Track #1 (Plaza1) Track #2 (Plaza2)
8h00 Accueil Accueil
9h00 Aaron Hnatiw - Racing the Web N/A
10h00 Pierre Ernst - Fixing the Java Serialization mess Wayne Huang - Unveiling One of the World’s Biggest and Oldest Cybercrime Gangs–Asprox
11h00 Chad M. Dewey - Pentesting Cruise Ships OR Hacking the High Seas Stephanie Carruthers - This Phish Goes To 11
12h00 Dîner: groupe “Hackfest au Ginger” Dîner: Chez Victor Laurier (Réservation: 418-977-9123)
13h30 CTF Ceremonies (Photos and prizes to our top 3 winners)

Speed talk:

Ian Bouchard - Abusing PHP 7’s OPcache to Spawn Webshells
Johnny Xmas & Benjamin Brown - How I Darkweb Economies (and You Can Too!)
14h30 RenderMan & MurdochMonkey - Hacking the Internet of Dongs Mickael Nadeau - Game Hacking Exposed
15h30 Sarah Jamie Lewis - Untangling the Dark Web: Unmasking Onion Services Chris Nickerson - Adversarial Simulation: Why your defenders are the Fighter Pilots.
16h30 Aaron Guzman - Make iOS Hacking Great Again: The Easy Wins! Mathieu Lavoie & David Décary-Hétu - De-anonymizing Bitcoin one transaction at a time
17h30 Souper: Groupe “Hackfest” au Ginger Souper: Chez Victor Laurier (Réservation: 418-977-9123)
18h00 ESET Party

- SecurityInnovation CTF
- Bar
- DJ
- Poker, Blackjack
Workshop: Olivier Arteau - XSS Auditor Bypass
20h00 ESET Party - cont. Podcast : La French Connection
21h15 ESET Party - cont. OWASP CTF - Finale live on big screen
21h15 ESET Party - cont. TBA
02h00 Fin du HF Fin du HF