Corelan FOUNDATIONS 2016

1-2-3 Novembre

Corelan FOUNDATIONS est maintenant offert au Hackfest avec une formation de 3 journées et Lincoln comme instructeur!

The Corelan® Foundations course is geared towards those new to exploit development, and will provide a fun and interactive environment to break Windows applications. The Foundations course covers a significant portion of the popular Bootcamp class, excluding some of the more advanced topics while adding a few chapters of its own.

This course will give you a rock solid understanding of the fundamentals of exploit development for Windows. During the course, students will get “hands-on” experience working with real vulnerabilities in real applications and the techniques used to exploit them.

For details about the class please check out:

Course Outline and course difference: the right Corelan training for you.pdf


Inclus avec la formation

  • Badge pour les conférences du 4 et 5 novembre
  • Dîner et souper pour les 3 jours de formation (1-2-3 novembre)
  • Pause café
  • Si vous désirez jouer au CTF, SVP. nous écrire!

Pourquoi choisir ce cours ?

  • Are you familiar with the basics of exploit development ?
  • Do you know how to write exploits for saved return pointer overwrites and abuse SEH records with your eyes closed ?
  • Do you know how heap spraying works already ?
  • Are you now ready for the next step ?
  • Have you taken the Bootcamp or other commercial courses on exploit development and want to move to the next phase ?
  • Do you want to learn modern techniques to exploit applications on Windows 7 ?
  • Do you want to learn the fine art of writing browser exploits ?
  • Are you able to write ROP chains blindfolded ?
  • Are you willing to suffer and bleed, absorb new knowledge fast and not intimidated by debuggers and assembly instructions…
  • …then this course is exactly what you need !

Contenu du cours

  • System Architecture
  • Memory Management
  • Registers
  • Intro to assembly
  • Intro to Immunity Debugger
  • Stack
  • Saved Return Pointer overwriter
  • Structured Exception Handling
  • Bad Characters
  • Limited buffers
  • Egghunters
  • Introduction to shellcoding
  • Metasploit modules
  • Unicode buffers (*)
    • providing there is sufficient time

Warning – The course has a steep learning curve and will require full attention and focus.

Prérequis pour les connaissances et l’attitude

Students should:

  • Be prepared for long days that may go beyond the hours scheduled/advertised for training
  • Speak English, class will be delivered in English only

Prérequis techniques

  • Details will be sent to students before the class begins.
  • Témoignages d’étudiants disponibles:


Corelan Team Member “Lincoln” is a researcher, exploit developer, and senior security analyst with over 9 years industry experience.

He has been with Corelan Team since the beginning, and enjoys learning and sharing with others. He has taught the Foundation class at Derbycon 2014/2015 and Hack in Paris 2015.