iHack Night 2012.2

 Scoreboard final




Auteur: Marc-André Meloche
Description: Sometimes, you got to send messages to your tranny boyfriend and you just don’t want your wife to know. In this challenge you have to reverse the cipher texts to plain texts using different ciphers.


Auteur: Marc-André Meloche
Description: The ninja were experts at hiding in plain sight, this could apply to hackers using steganography. So try to find the information which is hidden in the challenges.


Auteur: Marc-André Meloche
Note : once you get root, don't change the flags, passwords for accounts or any config related to the CTF servers, if you do so, countermeasures are in place to detect which team has done so and the flags will be deducted from your team including a penalty.
Description: Nessus is not your friend, Nessus won’t grant you UID 0, time to analyze every port and every inch of the servers presented in here. so don’t waste time and get your hack on. Just put your black hat on and do it.

CrackMe/data mining

Auteur: Vincent B. Tremblay
Description: Just get the proper data, analyze it, correlate it, and um...extract it?  There are different ways to try...sometimes a hard way, sometimes an easy way, but KISS.  You might need some graphical power or your Webster.  Some files might be VERY useful. Let the Lulz hunt begin...

Code Review

Auteur: Philippe Godbout
Description: Parcours web, alliant analyse de code, test de pénétration web traditionnel et cryptanalyse. Le tout effectué sur un site web développé pour l'occasion