Hackfest 2016 Website FRANÇAIS

Hackfest Manifesto (a new version will be avaible soon)

We are a bunch of passionate folks for whom; hacking and security are not only a passion but a way of life... And you? Who are you?

The raison d'être of the Hackfest is to provide the community with a bilingual (French / English) event that reflects who we are and what brings us all together. This is a way for us to do our part and to give back to the community what it gave us over the years and also to try to get this world of ours to evolve. And you? What do you do for the community?

With its mixture of technical conferences and hacking contests, the Hackfest is an event to learn, to share and also to give a chance to whom wishes to compete with its peers at the various hacking contest to do so. Bring it on! Come over and show what you're made of ...! The Hackfest is an event that is done by us and for us. Are you with us?

We prefer the hardcore and hands-on stuff. The theory is good, but the practice is better. We believe there is nothing like jumping into the trenches and get a little dirty to stay grounded to this reality which is the same for all us (although most are unaware of it, or choose to ignore it ...). The Matrix exists. Do you see it?

The line between hacking and security is very thin ... We believe that everyone is master of his life and his choices. We believe in freedom, respect, sharing and fun. And you ...?

- The Hackfest Crew