Hackfest CTF 2019

November 1st - 15h to 02h30

What is Hackfest CTF?

  • 250+ players
  • A dozen tracks of challenges to hack
  • Unique challenges
  • From electronics to web and systems to exploit
  • Ambience with a DJ, Poker/Blackjack tables and a bar


  • Registration starts on Friday August 30th at noon!

Register to Hackfest CTF


This year we have a new concept, 2 CTFs: The CTF Classic and the CTF Pro are waiting for you!

CTF Classic - Info

  • With the CTF registration you are automatically included in our CTF Classic

CTF Pro - Info

  • To participate to the CTF Pro: A pre-qual challenge will be set up very soon for registered participants, be attentive!
  • Only the first 8th teams to succeed the challenge will be admitted to hack with the best!


  • You MUST buy an Hackfest Ticket https://hackfest.ca/en/register
  • Each registration MUST have the first name, last name and email of every member of the team
  • A registration with DUPLICATED names will be REMOVED and a team on the waitlist will be added!
  • Please use the same email for Hackfest registration and Hackfest CTF

CTF Details

More details to come

Possible challenges

  • Electronic
  • Cloud
  • SDR
  • Web

The other CTFs

You can participate to the other CTFs without any CTF registration

This page is in active progression, but we can confirm for the 2019 edition that we’ll have those CTFs :

  • CTF Beginner (Available during the whole duration of Hackfest)
  • Brainfuck (Available during the whole duration of Hackfest)
  • Missing Persons CTF (Satuday from 9h00 to approx 15h00)
  • More to come, stay tuned!

If you got anything to offer, please contact us

General Information

  • Date: November 1st 2019
  • Time: 15h
  • Team: 4 people
  • Incomplete Teams: Teams will be completed by us using individual players
  • Individual Players: You will be assigned to a team
  • Who can play?: The CTF Classic is meant to be accessible to anyone, from those new to security/hacking all the way to professionals and veterans of information security.

For the participants not playing the CTF

Multiple activities are available to you:

  • Look at the CTF Participants
  • Lockpicking challenges
  • Bar
  • Music
  • Poker and blackjack tables
  • Nightly Villages activities


  • A switch for your team
  • 25 to 50 feet cable to connect your team ot the Hackfest switch
  • Your Laptop
  • Electric extension and power bars
  • Ear-plug or headphones (if you don’t like the current playlist)

*Alcohol and food from outside are prohibited in the CTF rooms.