Canadian cybersecurity startups: Give us the choice… a Canadian choice!

This year, Hackfest is extending a special invitation to emerging Canadian cybersecurity startups to showcase their products and expertise at this major event, to be held on October 13 and 14 at the Lévis Convention Centre.

This will not only be a unique showcase of technological innovations for key players in the cybersecurity field, but also a rare opportunity to meet government officials, venture capitalists and representatives of major corporations.

Everyone knows that cybersecurity has become a major issue in today’s increasingly digitalized world. And the challenge is enormous, requiring ever more innovative, robust and customized solutions. Collaboration and the sharing of expertise will undoubtedly be key to the growth and success of emerging startups in this field.

The invitation is therefore extended to all Canadian cybersecurity startups ready to take the next step in their development, while working closely together to create a secure and innovative future.

It’s time to make a choice… a CANADIAN choice!

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