Hackfest CTFs 2020

Hackfest CTFs, 12 challenges - November 20th 2020 !

What’s Hackfest CTF this year?

  • 3 CTFs at various levels, happening simultaneously
  • 400+ players
  • About 30 varied tracks of hacking for fun and learning
  • Unique challenges that will make your head spin
  • Your own atmosphere… but seriously, we promise DJ ambiance, poker table, Blackjack and more we’ll be back with those when the actual situation ends.

CTF types

  • Beginner, gotta start somewhere ;), those that want to grind their teeth and learn
  • Classic, the CTF in the usual format as we know it with tracks at various levels and prizes to win for the higher scorers!
  • Pro, as it happened last year, a qualification is necessary for a max of 10 teams in order to play at a higher level with higher stakes and greater prizes.

    (12 Pro teams will fight for the podium ! Both winning teams of last year’s edition already got their tickets)

INFORMATION Beginner CTF (This CTF is attempting to be educational and accessible to everybody)

  • The CTF will be open at the end of the Sécurité 103 training day from our friends @Viper and @Claude (on November 19th) It’ll end on saturday afternoon in order to present the final rankings.


  • You’re registered to Classic CTF!? If you do not desire to participale at our Pro CTF, then you have nothing else to do. We’re expecting you on November 20th at 15h EST to finish at 3h AM EST!


  • A pre-qualification challenge awaits you - on Wednesday november 4th 2020 at 18h EST (Teaser incoming ;) )
  • The 10 first teams to complete the pre-qualification challenge will be admitted and will confront each other in the Pro CTF! A deadline will be given nonetheless. These pre-qualifications will end on Friday, November 13th at 18h EST
  • The qualified teams will join last year’s (2019) CTF Pro winning teams and those will form the 12 PRO teams of HF 2020’s Build C-19!
  • Those will also be appointed on november 20th from 15h EST to 4h AM!


Registration and information (Saturday October 24th at noon EST)

  • IMPORTANT: Create your team once with ALL ITS MEMBERS!
  • Note: Team registrations do not allow ONE member to add or “make” ONE person in your team.
    • A member can join an existing team by buying 2 tickets (if the team was composed of 2 persons)
Registration URLs
  • Beginner CTF + HF Talks and villages = HF ticket
  • Access to CTF Classic (access at 5 $) = Hackfest CTF Classic ticket
  • Access to CTF Pro (access at 5 $) = Hackfest CTF Pro ticket
    • Pre-Qualification required
    • If you do not qualify you will automatically be transferred to the CTF Classic without any further action on your part

Note: It is NOT NECESSARY to purchase the General Hackfest registration to participate in the CTF Classic or Pro for this edition

Detailed rules for CTF Classic

  • Teams MUST be built when registering (max 4 people), else they will happen at the beginning of the event on CTFd and that will add delays to the start of the competition.
  • You MUST register with a team name even if you’re alone.
  • You MUST register with the proper e-mail that will also be used on CTFd and designate A CAPTAIN for the team.
    • If you are not alone then designate A TEAM CAPTAIN.
  • We will send all you will need to the Captain so that they can distribute it to the rest of the team.
  • CAUTION: Do the needful to be in the proper team, do not register the same name to create a fictional team or reserve slots for other players, do not register for other people or do not mass register. If that had to happen when you register, we will delete your bad registration(s) without further notice.

  • WARNING no change will be possible after registration

Detailed rules for the CTF Pro and its Pre-Qualification

  • You MUST obligatorily form a team of 4 persons at the time of your registration to the PRO CTF or its qualifications.
    • You MUST register every member with the same team name.
    • You MUST register with the proper e-mail that you will also use on CTFd and designate A CAPTAIN for the team.
    • We’ll send everything you need to the Capitain so that he in turn distributes it to his team.
  • REMINDER: For those that didn’t qualify for the PRO CTF, you’re still registered for the Classic CTF*
  • BEWARE: The pre-qualification challenge will be prepared per TEAM and if there’s ANY MISTAKE LEFT after your registration, the team will be disqualified for the PRO CTF WITHOUT ANY OTHER FURTHER NOTICE
  • CAUTION no changes will be allowed after registration

Rules for the 3 CTFs

  • Any team that registers with a pejorative connotation, disrespectful or “trollish” name will be their registration canceled.
  • Any denial of service (DoS) is FORBIDDEN_
  • Do NOT register multiple accounts
  • Do NOT attack the scoreboard
  • Do not bruteforce the flag submission system
  • Do not give any flags or solutions/writeups during the competition
  • Do not tamper with flags
  • Do not ruin the fun of the event for other participants
  • Be courteous and respectful
  • If anything seems broken, please let the challenge designer know on Discord!
  • Anybody going against those rules will be kicked from the CTF

Pre-qualifications teaser

View images

General informations

  • Incomplete teams for the Classic CTF: They’ll be completed
  • A single person for the Classic CTF: You’ll be merged into a team
  • Who can take part in the CTF: The Classic CTF wants to be accessible to anyone registered, as much for those beginning in computer security as for the elite of this world.
  • Registrations for Beginner CTF can only be individual and you can register for all of the duration of Hackfest, and this, even if you participate in other CTFs

Required equipment

  • A good internet connection - good good and drinks, lots of drinks! We’re letting you choose :)